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Here are some pics that are WAYYYYYYYYYYY OLD lol. These pics are from `99 when I was just coming into the "scene" of the culturalists. I had been weaving since `96 but hadn't thought of showing my "skills", till this venue when I was invited by a friend of mine, who I had met at the CHamorro Village. Please take the time if you will to view my pics!


I made the necklaces, the basket, and their friendship :)


I made the ring, second from the left.


I made the anklet.


I made the coconut leaf beanie.


I made the coconut leaf visor.


I made the beautiful hat and basket, that this pretty lady now owns.


May the booze be with you, in your own hand woven pandanus beer coozie.


This is I on the second evening Ko San Nicolas didn't show that day so I got a space ALL TO MYSELF. :) Nice spread if you ask me.


This is me on the third day of the Micro Island Fair `99. The people that occupied this front space weren't there so I just occupied it, it was up front so I got a lot of exposure that day! lots of business as well!


This is me right before I leave! Boy I was tired!

Here's my updated personal website... working on two different styles have much to put in here. Have migrated these webpages from www.ginen-guahan.com to this domain, www.jamesbamba.com, Should be updated very soon. :) LOTS OF PICS! and lots of fun stuff.. check back often! -Jimmy 01mar2007

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