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In February of 2003, I took a short trip to Los Osos to visit a very dear friend of mine. The trip was revitalizing, and the company was uplifting and exciting! I had alot of fun those few days, and the hospitality was immaculate. Thank you much :)


This is Shana and I sitting on a bench on Morro Bay


This is a poor little crab that could've become my dinner. lol :) Oh well.. Maybe next time.


It's the house on the hill. The side of the hill has a funny sign on it that says "PRIVATE PROPERTY, STAY OFF MY HILL" LOL HAHAHAHA


Morro Bay's "Rock"


Here visiting a town up the street from Morro Bay called "Harmony" only 18 people, and most of the are artist types. There is a glass shop, pottery store, and gift store there. Fun stuff!


Here's Shana and I in San Luis Obisbo, or affectionately called "SLO", we're in the internet-ionally renowned BubbleGum Alley.. Funny enough I read about it on the internet like Last year (2002) and didn't even think/remember about it, but Shana had mentioned it as we were passing by. I HAD to take a picture. lol


The right side of Bubble Gum Alley. I don't know what happened to my "left-side" picture. BLEAH.


Me taking in one thousand and one flavors. lol HAHA GRODY.


Shana readin' a book at Barnes and Noble.


Nappy-nap time :)


How sad, time to go home :( Oh well, all things must come to an end, but where one door closes, another must open.

Here's my updated personal website... working on two different styles have much to put in here. Have migrated these webpages from www.ginen-guahan.com to this domain, www.jamesbamba.com, Should be updated very soon. :) LOTS OF PICS! and lots of fun stuff.. check back often! -Jimmy 01mar2007

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