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Håfa adai yan Buenas, recently a friend of mine organized a really cool trip to go horseback riding! I have actually wanted to go horseback riding for quite some time, but just never was able to find somewhere to do it... Well on September 25th that all changed, and believe it or not, I found out I am pretty much scared of horses. Anyway, outside of the fact I was scared of the horse, I actually had a GREAT time. For reals! After the horseriding event held in Southern Chungjeong Province, we took the bus to a place called Asan, Cheonan City (天安牙山) and went to a really cool spa. I did the whole asian naked bathing thing, and then threw on my swim trunks and played in all the really nifty spa type things. While doing this "naked bathing" I took a shower, then took a dip in several herbal baths, to include: Strawberry, mugwort, regular hot water, and ice cold water.... Hmmm different. Anyways, while I was outside -dressed- I tried mugwort again, and then raspberry. Didn't drink it.. just sat it in.. HOT HOT HOT.. ouch. Anyways, I didn't think we were allowed to take pics anywhere in the bathhouse/spa thingie, so I didn't bring it BUT I would've liked to have taken pictures of the mugwort and raspberry one in the "clothed" area of the spa... Anyways, here are some cool pics of the horseriding and the "after party" of the spa place.


Here's a picture of Nathan, one of my friends who went.


Here I am on a horse. What fun, after 10 minutes, I found out I was terrorfied of horses.


Here's my girlfriend Jena Lee on her horse. She's been telling me all about how she can ride a horse. And lo and behold, she can.. Dangit, how come everyone ELSE knew how to do this but me....


Here is Nathan on a horse, he seems to have done this before.....


Here's my friend Genevieve on a horse. I think she knew what she was doing too.....


After my short lived 10 minutes of riding a horse, I went out and played with the dog they had.


After playing with the dog, I ventured back into the arena, and Jaylee was STILL riding the horse, I think she really likes horses.


Here I am right before we have desert and coffee. I was pretending to be "angry" but... it looks like I'm sleeping. It's those damned almond shaped eyes I tell you.


Here is my friend Nathan, who's sportin' the hook I carved for him.. Click here to check it out.


Here is Jena Lee and myself after eating, yumm. We're pretty tired after all that horseriding and spa-ing!


Here we are again after the spa-in' it up in Korea, outside the spa, in front of the water fountain.


Here is a group pic, Jena Lee, Myself, Tua (my samoan friend), and his friend. Apparently, or so Tua says, if you pretend to be a mannequin they won't see you, or well not, not see you but think you are just a statue. They're both doing it, maybe koreans don't see them.

This was a breath taking trip, and although I'm deathly afraid of horses, I repsect them in all the majesty and beauty, too bad for me I'm scurred of em. I did have fun riding them, just really really scared fun. Kinda like a roller coaster, only not as fun. Happy birthday Jena Lee!

Here's my updated personal website... working on two different styles have much to put in here. Have migrated these webpages from www.ginen-guahan.com to this domain, www.jamesbamba.com, Should be updated very soon. :) LOTS OF PICS! and lots of fun stuff.. check back often! -Jimmy 01mar2007

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