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Håfa adai yan Buenas from my small corner of the Information Super Highway. On this page you will be to view pictures that I or my friends have taken. Please scroll down and click on the the various links below to view that page. Clicking them will open up a new window, enjoy! - Si James


Here are some pix from a trip we took recently, hosted the by ITT travel and tours place.


Here's a group pic from our trip to the "Witch Mountain" located in seoul


Here are some pics from 1999, when I did my first show, weaving. Lots of fun, and made many friends.


Here are some pics from way back when, 2003 when I visited Shana

Here's my updated personal website... working on two different styles have much to put in here. Have migrated these webpages from www.ginen-guahan.com to this domain, www.jamesbamba.com, Should be updated very soon. :) LOTS OF PICS! and lots of fun stuff.. check back often! -Jimmy 01mar2007

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